SIS-Prévention®: Managing Safety for Establishments Servicing the Public


Safety for the public, visibility for the officials, simplicity for the managers, SIS-Prévention® is dedicated to organizations (F&R Services, local or regional authorities) responsible for the safety of establishments servicing the public.

Shopping malls, museums, industrial buildings, festivals… Control of security standards is part of the daily missions. A single control default can lead to dramatic situations and lead to serious financial consequences for which you are responsible.

To address the local organization’s concerns of the real risks they are facing and to prevent them from legal issues, we developed SIS-Prévention®.

Track and trace the history of all your records

Ergonomic and easy to use, SIS-Prévention® automatically generates agenda and convocations, from your data.

Each document related to the establishment (pictures, maps of the premises, inspection reports…) is stored in the database. Those documents are stored in the solution so the staff or the government professionals can quickly and easily access the information.

All reviews produced by your employees are recorded and plotted. You can access the reviews and view the events associated to them. Everything is recorded, from the decision to inspect the building to the end of the process.

Produce all the necessary letters in one click

SIS- Prévention® will help you produce quickly the mandatory correspondences with third parties (convocations, reports, transcripts) and facilitate the management of the establishments you are responsible for.

You simply will associate to mail any document on the establishment that will facilitate the monitoring of files.

Save time and perform advanced statistical analyzis

Producing annual reports is a time-consuming step in your planning.

Mandatory and requested, these detailed reports include numerous statistical analyzis.

SIS-Prévention® produces extensive graphical analysis and provides you with powerful reporting tools, effectively highlighting the changes in the performance of your community (distribution of unfavorable opinions by districts, breakdown by category of establishment massing various elements, etc.).

SIS-Prévention® ensures the security of a reliable and efficient management of your establishments with a detailed monitoring of operations.

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