CENTAURE15®: Regulating Medical Emergency Calls


Global, powerful and interoperable, Centaure15® is the solution of regulation for medical emergency calls.

Centaure15® simplifies, facilitates and secures all the tasks performed by a control center officer.

Praised by users for its performances and the completeness of its features, Centaure15® covers more than 50% of the French market.

Simplify call processing

The main difficulty in managing emergency calls is to bring together all the different stakeholders. How can we coordinate the people? How can we assure to make the right decisions?

Centaure15® is the solution that meets your needs. Its reliability is recognized and ensures the necessary continuity of service required in the health sector.

Perfectly suited to your business needs, Centaure15® is the essential tool to effectively handle emergency calls.

Enjoy a strong interoperability

With Centaure15®, SIS has developed a regional interoperability solution that has proven itself. The regional connectors represent one of the strengths of our solution. It allows, while ensuring data security, the co-regulation of medical folders between multiple entities.

SIS also provides operational connections with the computer systems of all major emergency partners (EMS, Ambulances, F&R Services, SOS doctors, etc.). We provide a maximum level of reliability and continuous scalability to optimize the responsiveness of each stakeholder and minimize delays.

View current medical files with SisMap®

Global mapping solution, SisMap® is an effective mapping solution allowing real time localization of all pending interventions.

You can also access all the information you need, directly in the map:

  • Rescue means (ambulances, doctors, pharmacies, helicopters, etc.)
  • Specific geographic locations (schools, stadiums, etc.)

Facilitating decision making during a medical emergency, SisMap® is real support for operators.

This mobile solution is also integrated in vehicles, allowing a direct supervision of the emergency facilities.

Stay connected SisPocket®

SisPocket® is a mobile cross platform app. It gives the doctors the ability to consult directly from their smartphone all the information needed to make a shift in mission.

The information is transmitted through the Emergency Response center and the equipped physicians may access all their records from their pocket!

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