ARTEMIS GLOBAL SECURITY®: High Risk Areas solution



Adaptable, modern and fast, ARTEMIS Global Security® is a full web solution that meets the specific requirements of sensitive sites and high risk areas.

Specially designed by SIS for the actors exposing people to risks, ARTEMIS Global Security® will help you optimize your alarm system.

Airports, train stations, amusement parks, public transportation, and other nuclear power plants need a specific tool for managing and regulating alert to protect and optimally organize each intervention.

Treat and manage any type of alert

A plane that lands in an emergency, a terrorist attack, a bomb threat, a train derails, a leak in a nuclear plant… You need to mobilize all the resources needed in record time to minimize the risks

ARTEMIS Global Security® manages any type of alert for any potential risk. From a simple technical fault to a nuclear disaster at national level, our solution helps you qualify the risks, respond quickly and anticipate the impacts.

Instantly trigger interventions and optimize human and technical resources

The powerful algorithm of ARTEMIS Global Security® will instantly suggest to the operator ways suitable and available to respond to a specific alert.

The human operator remains in control of the decision to initiate the proposed means and can trigger the intervention in a single click.

Reference on the market, the algorithm developed by SIS saves valuable seconds during procedures requiring extremely high level of responsiveness.

Manage resources and planned activities

User-friendly, the interfaces of ARTEMIS Global Security® facilitate the organization of planned activities and management of available resources.

Our team of experts is available to assist you in creating templates for your planned activities and they will help you organize your training plans.

Analyze your performance

With customizable graphics and charts, the operating performance will be analyzed and you will easily identify the areas where there is room for improvement. You will then continue to optimize your emergency facilities.

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