ARTEMIS® and SDIS Admin: Fire & Rescue Services management solutions


Modern, stable and fast, ARTEMIS® and the different modules of the suite SDIS Admin are reference solutions for Fire & Rescue Services.

From the call handling to the detailed reporting of the intervention, ARTEMIS® is a global solution allowing you to manage the chain of alert from end to end.

Human Resources and Payroll, Careers Management, Professional Training, Medical Reports and Operational Statistics: the suite SDIS Admin makes it easy to manage your Fire & Rescue Services.

Save time and mobilize the right resources to the right place at the right time

A forest fire, a natural disaster, a traffic accident, a factory explosion … You must act quickly and engage the suitable resources for the operation.

With SIS solution ARTEMIS®, you will prepare your interventions and optimize every second. This modular solution for emergency management provides a complete software functional range.

Mobilize your resources in seconds

Which vehicles are ready to go? Which people have the needed competencies to deal with this emergency? Which emergency center is the best located to intervene?

With ARTEMIS®, you will instantly know if your F&R Department’s equipment is in good working order (vehicles, medical equipment, etc.). You will also have an accurate vision on your resource availability and then increase your ability to respond quickly and precisely to the emergency request.

Manage your interventions with the operational mapping GeoARTEMIS® (GIS)

Available with ARTEMIS®, this global mapping solution has been developed in-house by the SIS teams. We relied on our strong partnership with the global GIS leader: ESRI.

Everything becomes possible. Fully interactive with the other modules, it allows the access to voice, data and video from the geographic interface. You can create a response directly from the mapping interface, locate from an address or contact information, analyze the intervention area, supervise the operational coverage or manage natural and technological risks.

This complete solution is a great support for the operators processing the calls because it perfectly meets their needs.

GeoARTEMIS® will lead to a significant efficiency increase, both on and off the field.

Take full advantage of your mobile experience with the mobile app: SMARTEMIS®

Simple, fast, secure and cross-platform (iOS and Android), SMARTEMIS® is a powerful tool that allows fire departments to manage the real-time availability of fire-fighters:

  • View the block diagram of interventions and resources
  • See the mapping of operational activity
  • Manage Schedule

This exclusive innovation of SIS allows Departmental Directorates of Fire and Rescue Services to access accurate and critical data in real time and thus ensures operational coverage of the department in live.

SMARTEMIS® is available upon request and achieve lots of different goals from managing availability to giving real time information to officials. The Fire & Rescue Service Department can easily configure the app to match the given information to the user’s profile.

User testimonials:

Emmanuel, the 07/31/2015: "Simply Awesome. We can manage our availability in one click, suddenly: a lot more availability in our emergency center…. Weird, isn’t it? "

Ludovic, the 04/11/2015: "Better and better! Always as convenient to manage Avail. The big + is being able to manage the rest of the centers. I can see the entire available workforce. "




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Simplify the administrative, financial and personnel management of your Department with SDIS Admin.

Global and scalable, the software suite SDIS Admin has been developed with the most recent technologies.

From a simple Internet browser, you manage the human, material and financial resources.

With SDIS Admin, you select the modules you need among those available:

  • SIS-GRH Paie®: Easily manage complex issues of human resources and payroll
  • SIS-Postes et Emplois®: Make the management of careers and employment skills
  • SIS-Formation®: Track and organize the training of professional firefighters and volunteers to maintain and improve their professional competencies
  • SIS-Vacations®: Simplify the remuneration policy  with a dedicated module for financial benefits
  • SIS-Medical®: Regulate and control the firefighters’ medical records
  • SIS-Statistiques®: Analyze your performance with advanced dashboards and statistical charts

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SIS, exclusive sponsor of ENSOSP

SIS is the exclusive sponsor of ENSOSP (Higher National School for Fire, Rescue and Civil Protection Officers). Within this sponsorship, SIS has made ​​available to ENSOSP the leading solution ARTEMIS® in order to help the school in the training of officers. Read more