Operational innovation and volunteering promotion

The leading operational management and alert system ARTEMIS, already installed in more than a third of the French Fire & Rescue Services and in Canada, has been promoted through the French Ministry of Interior's website.

A recent interview with the SDIS 24 (Dordogne) relates that "ARTEMIS' system allows the Fire and Rescue Service to use innovative and efficient tools that provide effective help for both operationel interventions and workforce management".

SIS is a market leader for Fire and Rescue Services as well as for Emergency Systems and invest massively in Research and Development to maintain its technological advantage in the fields of mobility ang volunteering promotion.

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Best Wishes !

The team at SIS wishes you joy and success throughout the coming year !

Once again this year will be marked by major new features, with various projects to be developed.

As always, SIS will do its best to take its solutions further in order to provide its customers the best emergency service quality possible !

A great success for the ARTEMIS workshops !

The ARTEMIS workshops took place in our offices in Aix-en-Provence during last October and November.

Many Fire and Rescue Services from all around the France have answered our invitation.

We would like to thank all the participants that had the opportunity to discover the last functionalities of our solution during those workshops. They also had the chance to discover the exclusive upcoming new features.

SIS partners the 123th National Fire-Fighters Congress

Again this year, SIS partners the French National Fire-Fighters Congress. For this 123th edition, The Congress will be held in the city of Tours (37 – Indre-et-Loire) from the 21st to the 24th September 2016.

SIS will be pleased to welcome you at its booth (No. 24), located Hall B, Avenue P.

Our experts will present you all the new features of our solutions and will answer all your questions !

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Discover the 2nd edition of SIS News !

For this second edition of SIS News, we decided to make a special focus on our Fire and Rescue Services solutions.

General company news and both operational and administrative solutions news are detailed.

You will also find the sections "SIS Indiscretions", "They joined us" and "Corner of innovation".

We hope you enjoy reading this second SIS News.

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ARTEMIS® User Group: 2016 edition

As every year, ARTEMIS® User Group will gather in order to debate and discuss about the solution’s future and the coming challenges regarding their operational management system.

All the participants will have the opportunity to share their opinions and their experience.

This year, SDIS 67 will open its doors to welcome this annual event. More than a hundred particpants are expected to attend this User Group and they will represent a great part of the French Fire and Rescue Services.

For the first time in the history of this User Group, the Canadian firefighters will also be present. In fact, the SIM (F&R Service of Montréal) representatives will share with their French counterparts their own vision of the solution and their firefighting methods from the other side of the Atlantic.

During this event, experts and specialists will participate to round-table discussions and workshops.

ARTEMIS® User Group will take place in the beautiful city of Cronembourg, in the SDIS 67' premises, on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of May.

Again, SIS would like to express particular thanks to the SDIS 67 for its hospitality and its initiative in organizing this great event this year.


SIS is the only company encouraging the French Fire and Rescue Services to gather during an annual User Group, focused on their operational management system.

This annual event is a major one for SIS as well as for the F&R Services. It is a special occasion for the participants to meet and discuss with SIS about the future orientations taken by their operational solution ARTEMIS®.

A look back at Paris Hospitals’ work during the November 2015 attacks

In recent interviews, the President of the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals* (AP-HP), Martin Hirsch, returned to the terrible attacks that occurred on November 13 in Paris. Emphasizing the quality of the work of health services, he said: "We have been very busy. But at no time, our hospitals have been saturated or disorganized. "

For his part, General military doctor Jean-Marc Debonne said : "we have never been saturated," "there never was an uncontrolled influx of ambulances, due to good coordination upstream" .

SIS, that supplies AP-HP with its regulatory solution Centaure15®, welcomes again the work of health services for their commitment during thos events.

* The Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals includes 40 hospitals in the Paris region. Largest medical entity in Europe, it employs 100,000 healthcare professional and has over 200 operating rooms and 22 000 beds.

Discover our first “SIS news” !

Broadcast three times a year, SIS News is the new newsletter of SIS.

The program includes news, indiscretions, a focus on our solutions, presentation of new products and many other items!

For this first edition, the SIS solutions dedicated to Fire & Rescue Services are featured including:

  • redesigning the range SDIS Admin®,
  • the release of the new version of ARTEMIS® (v2.4.2)
  • and a detailed focus on SMARTEMIS®.

All the SIS team wishes you a good reading!

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New certified ARTEMIS®

Infocert recently conducted an audit on our Fire & Rescue Services solution ARTEMIS®.

As every year for nearly 10 years, SIS has received French certification for Civil Security Software.

Thank you to all who contributed to achieve this, in particular our R&D team.