Emergency Medical Services Congress 2015

This week was held in Paris (Palais des Congrès) the 9 th EMS Congress, 2015 edition. For the occasion, many companies and associations for emergency and medical fields have come together to show visitors their expertise.

Among the exhibitors, we were able to retrieve medical equipment professionals (dentures, stethoscopes, defibrillators, respiratory support …) and technology supported the patient (medical imaging, ECG, blood glucose readers …), pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, developers simulators intended for emergency training, and publishers control software, which we are part.


This Congress was established in 2006 in order to bring together healthcare professionals, providers businesses, associations, and publishers, to increasingly optimize the care of patients. These exhibitions are accompanied by various medical conferences and roundtables on topics such as management of Tunis and Paris bombings and flu epidemics. Workshops are also offered to professionals and curious (driving simulation in emergency, thoracic drainage, cardiopulmonary resuscitation pediatric …). Throughout the congress, quizzes and competitions are organized to test our medical knowledge ( "Hygiene: what have we still learning?", "Contest pictures and video 2015").


Given the importance of such an event by sharing all trades in this field of activity, SIS's presence as an exhibitor was evident.


Working in direct contact with the SAMU teams, actors # 1 of care patient at home, SIS represents the future of patient control through its emergency regulation package: Centaure15®. Support effective management of emergency calls, Centaure15® facilitates and secures the overall process of regulation of call centers. The characterization of a medical emergency the call is simplified, the organization of medical teams is accelerated thanks to the geolocation tool SisMap, adequate backup facilities are launched, and the doctor is accompanied in his diagnosis. The full implementation Sispocket this care chain by offering consulting assignments and input simplified balance sheets to SMUR teams and private doctors.


Our coverage of emergency does not stop the medical field, we have also developed a software package to alert and decision support for emergency services (ARTEMIS®) and a range of management solutions administrative SDIS (SDIS-Admin) and a web module risk management (SIS-Prevention) every three to civilian security services and fire departments. Newcomer in SIS ARTEMIS® Global Security is a modular and scalable platform, covering the whole process of emergency response management and planned activities within sensitive industrial sites and areas with high population densities (nuclear power stations, websites petrochemical, airports, transport …).


Our presence at the Congress 2015 has allowed us to network with potential partners, customers and prospects on a variety of topics on dealing with emergencies. This knowledge provided enriches our business and allows constant evolution of our products to respond better to the needs of users.