An educational sponsorship lasting for a decade

In 2007, ENSOSP (the National School for Fire Brigade officers) was considering moving. The organization announced its new installation in the region of Aix-en-Provence.

To meet the needs of strategic and tactical training for the fire-fighting officers, the ENSOSP needed to establish an effective and relevant warning system to put the trainees in real operational conditions. This included the setup of the equivalent of an Emergency Response center and several Emergency Centers.

SIS quickly decided to become ENSOSP’s exclusive support for the infrastructure development of the technical platform, essential for training to the officers.

Exclusive sponsor of ENSOSP for nearly 10 years, SIS is proud to contribute to the training of fire-fighting officers worldwide.

Operational support for the officers’ training

SIS supports ENSOSP through the establishment of the technical platform, integrating the leading alert management solution on the market:


This integrated solution manages the chain of the alert from end to end:

  • Call handling and call management
  • Alert Qualification
  • Proposal the most suitable response for the operation to perform (human resources, vehicles, place of departure, ..)
  • Alert broadcast
  • People mobilization
  • Intervention monitoring
  • Intervention closing and administrative reports

Installing ARTEMIS® on ENSOSP’s technical platform allows officers to confront the reality of a Fire Department in its whole, with control rooms, Emergency Centers and Crisis Room in the exact same condition as in real life.