Choosing SIS

Choosing SIS

The European reference for end-to-end emergency and alert management solutions for public safety

With nearly 50 years of experience, SIS has built its reputation of leading player thanks to the stability, robustness and sustainability of its solutions.

The investment of the company in research and development and the use of advanced technologies are the reasons why SIS is one of the most innovative players in the market.

Reconciling tradition and modernity, SIS has become the undisputed leader in the civil security sector (EMS and F&R Services) but also meets the challenges of High Risk Areas and the needs of local communities is securing establishments.

Key figures

Key figures
People covered by our solutions Years of experience Interventions treated yearly Percentage of the turnover reinvested each year in R&D Number of calls handled yearly

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Interlocuteur unique

The market reference with modern, stable and sustainable solutions. The insurance of powerful solutions based on our unparalleled algorithm. The simplicity of a single contact who manages solutions from the beginning to the end