A look back at Paris Hospitals’ work during the November 2015 attacks

In recent interviews, the President of the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals* (AP-HP), Martin Hirsch, returned to the terrible attacks that occurred on November 13 in Paris. Emphasizing the quality of the work of health services, he said: "We have been very busy. But at no time, our hospitals have been saturated or disorganized. "

For his part, General military doctor Jean-Marc Debonne said : "we have never been saturated," "there never was an uncontrolled influx of ambulances, due to good coordination upstream" .

SIS, that supplies AP-HP with its regulatory solution Centaure15®, welcomes again the work of health services for their commitment during thos events.

* The Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals includes 40 hospitals in the Paris region. Largest medical entity in Europe, it employs 100,000 healthcare professional and has over 200 operating rooms and 22 000 beds.